F 12XR


  • Sturdy Metal Chassis
  • PRO DSP FX onboard with 16 presets
  • Stereo Recording and Playback via USB port
  • Balanced main output audio path from input to output
  • 4 single control compressors
  • Mono channels provided with 3-band EQ. 2-band EQ on stereo channels.
  • Robust, compact and attractive design.
  • Designed and Engineered in Italy
  • Internal Universal Power Supply

The F 12XR features 6 Mic Preamp Inputs, 4 Mono Line Inputs, 4 Stereo Line Inputs plus multi-FX and Recording via USB port, with balanced +28dB main output (Stereo XLR + TRS) and 4 single control compressors. The Mono channels are provided with 3-band EQ and Stereo with 2-band. The mixer features 16 PRO DSP internal presets and 2 Aux sends (1 pre,1pre/post fader). It also features a stereo output bus and 60mm faders.


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